I love to see her smile By Kartik Vats

I love to see her smile, Expressing each and every one of my flimsy thought. The sanguine child in me penetrates my pessimistic layer. Her presence adds comfort to the air. Divine Intervention or just a coincidence, I am not sure how I started enjoying life again. Divinity is a mere imagination of our mind, […]

Winter and my thoughts By Kartik Vats

Winters have this dim lighthouse vibe. Light smog reminds you of the suffocation. Fire near cigarette shops sparks conversations. Everyone slowly revives mellow hidden thoughts, In between conversations, laughter, and boredom. Why do we hide our thoughts between conscious conversations? We seldom rely on instincts even with our friends, Those corners remain touched by our […]

I have my grudges with love, I remember those anxious nights. Feeling down, Eyes lost in the sky above. Love is like a prism and her memories, lights. I drown and question the suffocation, Sighs were used in her admiration, words were never enough. My overthinking and nervousness helps the complication. Never argued with destiny, […]

dream rap

Dreams are carved in heaven, some just wanna cut them with knife Some believe that Saturn has brought a sad turn in their life Sometimes life is rough So murdering flow patterns A Dream is like a cunning son, You will have concerns Many change their tone when they are sad But defeat provides motivation […]

Sushant for you by kartik

You might change my words in your dreams, Hallucination is overrated then what it seems. My memories are filled with your sighs, I recite poetry, not lies.   Our lives are predicted not emotions, Ponds have more corpse than oceans. Dead thoughts are generally very subtle, Establishing depression as a real problem is a real […]

Think of me as an elder brother By Kartik ( Just an advice/rant )

Diving deep in the empty ocean, aesthetically. Finding useless admiration, Hysterically. I feel sad for the people on Instagram who think they can write. False hope has always bothered the middle-class people who know they can’t make it big. The writing community is so easy to get in, Just write about something and you are […]